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She is Elle Graves. She is She is a captive. She is alone. She is frightened. She is no better than a slave. But she is not a red savage. Her story is wrapped.
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Changing the law by shunning one possible dinner partner, mostly works if that one partner has a lot of political power, and you have some sort of power over zim. Like, lbr here: the most extreme feminists do not think it is okay to fuck men. Are you implying those same extreme feminists are okay with , er, hooking up with trans men?

Because… why? But if its a social thing, surely there are some cis men not part of the power structure?

That seems like a qualitatively different thing. Jai: Yes you do. The question arises: why have women been historically oppressed?

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I think your writing does a good job by specifically bringing up examples which run contrary to the more contrarian feminist tendency: e. I was under the impression that liberal feminism was quickly becoming the most relevant strain. Am I wrong? Also, hi! I like your magazine! Today somebody told me that I needed to see a psychiatrist for being against feminism, and I was going to link him to your article on people who say that, but I decided on second thought that would just make the problem worse.

To the first approximation Liberal feminism is not so terrible and wrong, radical feminism is terrible and correct. What makes you feel like this is worth any of your time and attention, let alone praise? This is still somehow troubling from Scott. His general pathological niceness does not feel like an indulgence for even remotely tolerating such ugliness.

A Small Ethics toward the Future

This might be hypocritical of us. Or rather: in at least the vast majority of previous civilizations, there would have been merit in the undertaking of consistently steelmanning the unthinkable, since the vast majority of previous civilizations must have made at least one correct thing unthinkable.

If you believe atheism is correct, there is an obvious example. If you believe gender equality is correct, there is another obvious example.

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What property does this civilization have that suggests that it is an exception? But hypothesis space is big, there are only so many keystrokes in a lifetime, and this horse has been exhaustively beaten. Also metaphors are hard. I have only read two articles in Radish, this one condemning people who treat conservativism as a mental disease and informing me that propranolol treats racism which is fascinating , and this one which I find informative and hilarious.

I have been told by enough people now that all their other articles are horrible that I am inclined to believe it, and will check to see if the other articles are as bad as everyone says before praising them in the future. This is a statement which, by its nature, cannot be proved with logic or a scientific experiment.

Obviously it is inconsistent with the feminist narrative. You would have to temporarily drop the one in order to try out the other. The conduct of the American Civil War and especially its aftermath was absurdly soft on the treasonous slavers. I agree, it would have made the ensuing fracas less bad.

A Princess of Mars by Edgar Rice Burroughs (Barsoom #1)

I… I was being sarcastic. I do not endorse genocide. I am generally opposed to most forms of mass murder. I just wanted to highlight how not all heritages are considered equal.


I have greatly enjoyed this blog ever since I started reading. Does not get bullet. Never ever never for ever. My parents came here when I was one because this was a better place to live and do science and raise kids. Thus you get things like asymmetric warfare, where the weaker side wears down the stronger by just existing. Niceness can be seen as a prevention of that failure mode when the stronger side, and ensuring survival when the weaker. Sometimes I miss the good old days, when men were men and wore Vibrams.

Wizard of the Wasteland, book one of the Wasteland series.

I kid, I kid. Funny how that happens. I think we can survive some cultural drift. The core stuff is basically the cognitive bias literature and the Sequences. And some sort of shared spirit: youthfulness, aspirations of heroism, a sense that clear thinking can be powerful. I hope so. I do see more progressive ideas as a good thing if it leads to rationalists extracting and assimilating whatever useful insights into psychology and social structures they contain.

Dealing directly with politics is obviously pretty dangerous for individuals. But look at Scott — he engages, battles, comes out clean, and still maintains an attitude of basic benevolence. And a community of liberal-ish writers talking about the importance of reason and discourse, and becoming the most lively intellectual culture around? In my mind, the Sequences were, if not exactly preaching feminism all along, then definitely laying a very strong foundation for many feminist arguments that are just a few inferential steps away. Certainly this was my own impression initially wading into LW.

The question then becomes, what does that actually cash out to? And on the object level it cashes out to largely agreeing with feminist positions. In a lot of ways the feminist bubble seems to me a rather more sensible place than the outside world. And yet despite that I no longer call myself a feminist. And feminists in my experience try to get you to agree to the more extreme forms by a sort of guilt-laden equivocation — you agree with these basic things, right?

So, you also accept these more extreme positions… right? But men are considered suspicious. There was a recent hubbub on the internet over this article. My reaction to this was laughter — oh, now some of the women in the feminist movement are being treated like men in the feminist movement always have been! Yes, one of the insidious things about the feminist movement is the way they frame things such that the presumption is that all good and decent people agree with them.

This gives them offensive power their pronouncements are not just their own, but the pronouncements of all good and decent people as well as defensive power that you would disagree with them marks you as evil and indecent and why should we listen to what you have to say. In several comments on this post you seem to be defining feminism rather nonstandardly. For instance, compare my comment:. Therefore, third-wave ideology focuses on a more post-structuralist interpretation of gender and sexuality.

But if you take a moment to steelman it, there seem to be rather clear connections to the bits in the Sequences that I mentioned. Among the useful terms feminists have appropriated from post- structuralism are […] deconstructtion. The method consists of two related steps; the reversal and displacement of binary oppositions. This double process reveals the interdependence of seemingly dichotomous terms and their meaning relative to a particular history.

Trinity in Literature

It shows them to be not natural but constructed oppositions, constructed for particular purposes in particular contexts. The literary critic Barbara Johnson describes deconstruction as crucially dependent on difference:. The differences between entities … are shown to be based on a repression of differences within entities, ways in which an entity differs from itself…. And it is very similar to, for example, this bit from the WP article on queer theory:. For all important decisions, the terms should probably be tabood and replaced with the relevant attributes.

I can think of groups that would hold this view. I think the paragraph you quote is itself confusing map and territory — the language of binary distinctions with the actuality of them. For example, a common MRA refrain is that divorce courts are sexist against men, but what gender runs nearly all courts? Feminism tries to break down these gendered stereotypes and let people interact with each other on their own terms. I encountered it first from anti-feminists as you describe but I did not update because they seemed to be speaking from hate.

I have a bunch of heuristics that usually protect me from that, but maybe they failed here. So can you recommend any good feminist blogs? Ones that take the consequences of what they advocate seriously?