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Sad Mask Would you be so kind as to disable your ad-blocker on BasilMarket please? Your support is greatly appreciated. Guides : Mage Luminous Guide Wiki. I will also provide information on the guide in this section. Introduction Welcome all! I will try to share in this guide my experiences on what has happened with Luminous, and how you can make a perfect one. I hope you all enjoy your time here and use this guide to the best of your ability. Leave comments, feedback, and I will fix up anything I can.

So have a good time, in the Luminous Guide. He uses a double sided staff, known as a Shining Rod.

You are required to equip an Orb to use your skills; the Level Orb can have potential. So when you attack, you will be either using Light or Dark skills and the Skills Sunfire and Eclipse increase each attribute depending on which mode you are in. In Addition, the Luminous class has two 2 hairstyles, and two 2 eye styles for both genders. Luminous uses a 2H double sided Staff called, the "Shining Rod".

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Luminous must equip an Orb in his Shield slot to use any type of Skill. Luminous has very high stats Mana, Attack, etc. Why does he need it? A: Luminous consumed half of the Black Mage's power into himself, therefore, to stabilize not being consumed by the dark power that resides within him; he switches between uses skills of Light; and using skills of Darkness.

He changes between these modes by shifting a meter, when you change the meter to Dark, you will gain a boost to all Dark Skills, and when you change the meter to Light, you will experience a a gain to your skills. A: Yes, you can. Same goes for the Dark Side with Light Skills. Luminous has a passive type of Magic Guard, meaning at lower levels when monsters do not do much damage to you and you Health can endure the damage, you will waste Mana Potions by being attacked and using your skills.

A: Moonlight Spear, along with most of Luminous' dark skills, is not very useful to you. Since Nexon America decided that Luminous would not have to switch between Dark and Light, we have a choice to focus our strength instead of balance it. So, in 3rd Job, as you could see from my 3rd Job Skill Build and Explanation, Spectral Light is maxed well before any of the other attacks because it is a much better skill. Once we get down to our last levels of 3rd Job, there is no need to max Moonlight Spear anymore, so instead, we max Ray of Redemption because of it's healing advantages which can help in 4th Job.

What will happen, is you will see a crystal gem with smaller crystals 5 sitting on the side of your screen once you hit level In order to use this system, you must gain points in either Dark or Light by using the mode specific skills. When you use the mode specific skills, the tiny bar on the either side of the meter will increase depending on what type of skill you use , and once it fully increases, you can change between Dark and Light depending on which crystal you filled up and which side you were in , and gain the side you chose benefits. There is a 30 second cooldown of switching between Dark and Light.

In addition, once you reach the 3rd Job. Another system will be added to your Crystal Gem. This is the Equilibrium mode. Now, when you change the gauge from Dark to Light or Light to Dark, there will be a stage in-between, that is neither Dark or Light. The main skills you use are "Death Scythe", and "Ender". The benefits of Equilibrium are listed in the Beginner Luminous Category. But not before the Black Mage could impart some of his darkness on to Luminous. Luminous must now learn to control the awesomely terrifying power of the Black Mage before it threatens to consume his soul and plunge him into the world of darkness.

Good thing Luminous will have some help on his journey! His trusted helper, Vieren, and the first person he met after fighting the Black Mage, Laina. With the help of Vieren and Laina, will Luminous learn to wield the powers of both Light and Dark to defend Maple World before it is too late?

You do this until you have max Intelligence , and then you can either dump the rest into Luck LUK or into Health HP depending on what you will be doing.

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Use Light Magic attacks to charge Sunfire. Cannot be applied at the same time as Eclipse or Equilibrium.

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Max Level: 1 Already Maxed. Pre-Requisite: Level Use Dark Magic attacks to charge Eclipse. Cannot be applied at the same time as Sunfire or Equilibrium. This allows you to use your most powerful spells for that duration. Cannot be applied at the same time as Eclipse or Sunfire. You can eventually share this ability with one of your other characters in the same world.

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  • Inner Light Passive - Luminous is a strong willed individual with great insight. Luminous is permanently immune to Darkness status effect. In addition, Luminous's MP increase at level ups are increased. Flash Blink Active - Luminous turns into light to track enemies. The player can teleport to a random place when Luminous uses this skill in a town without monsters.

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    Summary: None. Explanation: There is none for this level due to no Skill Points. Max Level: You will be invulnerable for a short time after teleporting. Also permanently increases Speed and Jump. Permanently increases DEF and M. Max Level: 5. Congratulations on starting your new Luminous.

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    Followed by Light Speed to increase mobility insane range for Teleport by the way. Last, max Flash Shower and Abyssal Drop simultaneously to ensure equal damage You'll most likely use both depending on the type of Map you are in. Then you save the SP that would be used for Standard Magic Guard so that you don't burn potions because it is passive, meaning you would constantly be burning your potions, put points in it later. I highly recommend you follow the system, as it will optimally increase your damage output. For example, you charge up the Light attribute in the Dark Mode, and then you change to Light.

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    In the Light Mode, you use Sylvan Lance as your attack because it is boosted. I suggest using Abyssal Drop instead. Max Level: 20 Automatic - 1 Upon reaching 2nd Job. You can move the orb by holding the skill key and steering with the directional keys. Accumulating orbs will also increase M. If you take any damage, one orb will be destroyed and absorb some of the damage.

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    ATK increase. So, add all two points into Magic Booster. Next, I highly suggest maxing all the skills that boost damage now in this order! So that you can maximize damage output. Then, max Sylvan Lance. Abyssal Drop is extremely better then Pressure Void , and Pressure Void is never going to be used in later jobs.

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    • Last, max Standard Magic Guard , at about this time, you will start to encounter harder monsters. I suggest adding points into it at level 60 Around the time you start training at Jesters possibly , but you could add points at level 50 as well, if you find the monsters are becoming too strong. How Equilibrium works, is right when you switch attributes, there is an in-between mode bonuses of Equilibrium listed in the skill , this mode lasts for 10 seconds; and the skills you use are Death Scythe for 3rd job, and Ender for 4th Job.