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Additionally, Kotov has a lot of material on the reasons that blunders occur, and how to avoid them.

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He goes precisely into the thinking processes which produced the blunders and shows why they are wrong. I was intrigued to find out that the rock band Rise Against wrote a song called "Kotov Syndrome".

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Supposedly Kotov Syndrome is a chess term for when a player thinks for a long time in a very complicated position, goes deep into the position to the point of losing touch with reality, falls short of time and finally makes a move that he had hardly analyzed, which turns out to be a blunder. Kotov describes this scenario at the beginning of the book. Now this phrase is used sometimes to describe non-chess situations - the Rise Against song is about politics. On the other hand, I had never heard or read anything about a "Kotov Syndrome" in chess or elsewhere before.

I got this book fairly early on in learning chess. I was playing tournaments by then, but I probably read it when I was rated or so. I don't remember if I innately knew how to analyze a chess position. Most people begin playing chess casually, playing the first move that comes to their mind, going on intuition and short tactics, or just "ok, I want to try to do this Certainly I learned a lot about positional assessments and thematic ideas from the chapters from the "Positional Judgment" chapter.

"Think Like a Grandmaster" by Alexander Kotov‎

Recently I was invited to the closing ceremony of a team tournament in which candidate masters and first-category players were playing. I asked my audience what they would like me to talk to them about, and I was inundated with requests. Some asked me to demonstrate some interesting combination, others wanted to know how to play the Sicilian Defence correctly for Black. Let us suppose that at one point in your game you have a choice between two moves, Rd1 or Ng5. Which should you play? What then? Do I like the look of the position then?

Then you look at the knight move.

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He can drive it away by h6, I go Ne4, he captures it with his bishop. I recapture and he attacks my queen with his rook.

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That doesn't look very nice Lets look at the rook move again. If he plays Bb7 I can reply f3, but what if he captures my a-pawn? What can I play then?

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No, the rook move is no good. I must check the knight move again. So I mustn't move the knight. Try the rook move again. Rd1, Qxa2. Already 30 minutes gone on thinking whether to move the rook or the knight. If it goes on like this you'll really be in time trouble. And then suddenly you're struck by the happy idea - why move rook or knight? What about Bb1? Just like that with hardly any consideration at all.

Think Like a Grandmaster - Descriptive Notation Version ( not algebraic notation )

My words were interrupted by applause. The audience laughed, so accurate was my picture of their trials and tribulations. When I revealed that I was writing a book to tell all that I knew about analysis, baseed on what I had learned from other grandmasters and what I had discovered myself I was rewarded yet again by applause. Thus I came to realise that players even in high grades have a great need of such guidance. Then I said jokingly, 'Botvinnik is working hard at trying to make a computer play chess as well as a human being, so let me teach human beings to analyse with the accuracy of a machine.

The case I have described of faulty unsystematic thinking is quite a common one even with players of real ability and high gradings. They suddenly abandon their analysis and make a move which they haven't examined properly at all. Let us consider one such case. White's attack on the king side looks very threatening, and naturally the master who was White tried to find a concrete way to shatter the enemy king or to get some decisive advantage.

As it is not very difficult to see this concrete line must involve a sacrifice. There are several possibilities: Bxh6, Nxg6, Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Averbakh vs Kotov , Position after Ne2 Kotov played Retrieved 21 December Winning or drawing a total of 61 games The Oxford Companion to Chess second ed.

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This section uses algebraic notation to describe chess moves. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Alexander Kotov chess player. Will be bubble-wrapped to protect the corners and shipped in a sturdy box to ensure safe delivery. Bookseller Inventory ABK2. About this title Synopsis: A classic, now available in modern algebraic notation for the first time!

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